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         WOMEN'S  PISTOL

                                Course Cost: $65.00 per hour for Individual Training

                                 $50.00 per hour, per person, for Two students.

                                                       Due to Covid-19 

        We have adjusted from Classes to Personal Training for One or Two Students

Women seem to get more from the 1-2 hours of Individual Training than a 4 hour Class.

Women and Men learn in different ways. We instruct Women's Pistol through  patience and detail, with no pressure or intimidation. We build confidence through competence.

Once the natural fear of firearms turns into understanding and respect, Women are very good shooters. (Often better than Men) There is a rapidly growing place in the world of firearms for Women, and rightfully so.


Thanks again for an awesome Basic Pistol class yesterday!! We had SO much fun, and learned a TON! I am so glad that you were Becky and Dora’s first instruction on handguns…they couldn’t stop talking about what a great instructor you were. Thank you again.

Angela C.

Diamond Springs, CA



I will defineately be back. Thanks for your calm kind help.

Kathleen M.

Folsom, CA

Mr. Frandsen & Mr. Kolhstedt,

“As a female California CCW holder for the past 22 years, I want to thank and recognize you for the best Range Course I have ever attended! You both were very professional and patient with the female students and created a calm and safe learning environment for all. Your enthusiastic attitudes made the class fun and I look forward to future classes.”


Lisa K.

Diamond Springs, CA

Good morning Scott,

I want to thank you for the great class (Basic Pistol) experience.

After visiting a few gun stores and coming away feeling foolish and incompetent, I doubted my ability to handle a gun.

Your instruction was comprehensive and delivered in a very practical and patient manner. Your encouragement gave me the confidence to get myself to the gun range to practice the skills you taught me, until I can actually hit the target without your expert instructions in my ear.

I will (and have already) recommended your class to others.


Sincerely, Elaine C.

Placerville, CA


 Thank you very much, Sir. My Daughter said she had a great experience and learned a lot. Come Christmas it looks like I’ll be buying her a semi-auto. Ha!

Bill W.

Placerville, CA


Thank you for teaching me how to use firearms safely. It was a wonderful Basic Pistol class with lots of information. I have a healthy respect for firearms. Your class was very informative. The 4 hours went by so fast. It was well worth it.

Robin H.

Folsom, CA


Thank-you so much for the Basic Pistol safety training, it was an incredible day for me. I was given my first gun for protection, before I even learned the basics. I hadn’t a clue about guns except to point and pull the trigger…pretty scary. The morning I spent with you changed all that. Your teaching style was matter of fact, explained perfectly for the novice, and your passion for safety was instilled professionally. Your intuitive nature accessed my weaknesses, strengths, and needs, allowing me to build effective techniques. I look forward to follow-up classes to keep good habits of safety and accuracy. I would recommend your class to anyone who knows nothing about pistols, and particularly to those who think they know everything. Thanks again.

Mia J.

Camino, CA

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