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Our Level 1- Advanced Pistol Class is based on practical training for Personal Defense.


Segments of the cirriculum L-1 include:


-The use of barricades, shooting over, under, around, and through cover.

-One handed shooting, reloading, and malfunction drills. (Both hands)

-Drawing & shooting while on the move.

-Drawing & shooting 360 degrees from standing, kneeling, sitting, and prone postions.

-Close quarters defense and shooting techniques.

-Shoot-don't-shoot scenarios. 

Thanks Scott,

You and Buck put on a great 1-2 Advanced Training Session together. Your teaching skills + Buck’s real life experiences = A Great Class.

My hands and knees are sore! Next time knee pads. I do feel as though moving and shooting are more fluid now. I will practice this more. Reloads and one handed shooting feels more natural too. I even got through a combat reload (top off) during one of the last drills.

Thanks for sending the photos. My wife was amazed at the drills we did. I hope to get her more interested in coming to another class. Please tell Buck “Thank-you” for me. I enjoy seeing things from his perspective.

Best regards,

Chris T.

Placerville, CA

Thanks Scott for such a good class. I really like the pace and all the specific topics. You are a very good instructor. Thanks, looking forward to more classes.

Eric W.

Cameron Park, CA



Good shoot, good time, and good company! Looking forward to the next one…

Bill W. CA


Thank you so much for your training yesterday. You are an awesome instructor and I’m looking forward to additional training with you,

Marc S.

Pollock Pines, CA

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