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Certified  Instructor  NRA / DOJ / BCI

Scott Frandsen

Certified Instructor



Buck Kohlsteadt &

Scott Frandsen

Scott Frandsen has trained in Self Defense since 1978, with a background in Karate and Kung Fu. He became a Senior Instructor with Morales Fighting Systems and studied Wu Style Tai-Chi with Master and Professor  Run Zhi Pan. Scott still practices and teaches Tai-Chi today. 


Scott began shooting at age five. (Father, Captain USMC) 

He is a Certified Instructor with the National Rifle Association, including Basic Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home. He is a Certified Instructor with the Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Criminal Identification, is also a Cerified Range Safety Officer.


He has trained with Massad Ayoob - MAG-20 / MAG-40;

Mike Seeklander- Defensive Handgun Level I / Level II

Rob Picus / I.C.E. -Combat Focus Pistol - Advanced Pistol Handling - Combat Focus Carbine; TCCC: Tactical Combat Casualty Care; Team 3 Tactical, along with  other Military and Civilian Trainers in firearms and tactics.


Scott has "Real World / Street" experience with both single and multiple attackers, disarming threats, as well as aiding defenseless persons from aggressors, with & without the use of force.


The combination of Martial Arts and Firearms Training go hand in hand. Whether wielding a quarter staff, pistol, rifle, or using a camera, the connection comes from the center as extension of one's self.

Buck was an Army Ranger / Special Forces in Viet Nam and Central America. He was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart. Buck spent 30 years in Law Enforcement, surviving a half dozen shoots, as well as attacks with edged weapons, being wounded on numerous occasions. He trained in traditional Karate while stationed in Japan.

Buck and Scott were business partners who taught together with a flow and continuity that kept the Classes fun and informative. He is brought up frequently in today's Classes. He is missed by many.

Mike Seeklander &

Scott Frandsen

Massad is an extremely accurate shooter. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Criminal Justice System regarding Justified Use of Force. His curriculum is well worth the hours in Class, or the time reading any one of his many books and articles. 

Pan has been a friend and mentor for many years. He was taught Chinese Martial Arts as a boy. He studied for college by candlelight in China as bombs fell during WWII. He served as an English Translator for the Allies and later  became a College Professor. He has written many books, and is a Master Practitioner of Wu Style Tai-Chi. Now, even in his 90's, he practices Tai-Chi twice a day. He is truly an inspiration. He has since passed at 95 years old.

Run Zhi Pan &

Scott Frandsen

Rob Pincus &
Scott Frandsen

Rob is articulate in his approach to instructing. He'll tell you he's not there to pat you on the back, that's ok.

Some very good training to be imparted.


Massad Ayoob &
Scott Frandsen

Mike is an incredible shooter, extremely fast and accurate. He's former USMC and LE, and has trained many branches of Law Enforcement including Federal LE and was lead Instructor for the Federal Air Marshall Program after 911. He has a lot of up to date tactics and a great training curriculum. Plus he's a real nice guy.

The Instructors for this TCCC Course are incredible. Their backgrounds range from Navy Corpsman, Naval Spec Op's, Tactical Law Enforcement, Fire, & Paramedics. With the  empirical knowledge and skills they have attained, they cut to what works in the field. The training is intense and real world. I can't say enough about the quality of these men and women who train hard to do their jobs.

Dave Morales &

Scott Frandsen

Dave Morales has been a friend, older brother, and mentor for over 35 years. Dave served in the Army Recon in Viet Nam, he has trained in many styles of Martial Arts, and has attained the rank of Grand Master. When Scott began training at age 18 he said "I'll have you sparring full contact with Black Belts of all sizes and styles in 6 months." He didn't mention the beatings that would come with them. You learn fast when your face and body become a punching and kicking bag for skilled fighters.

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