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               One on One, or

Private Classes of 2 to 5 Students

Shooting can be a lot of fun, but it can be intimidating for the beginner.  Safe and fun is the best way to start.

We have condensed our Basic Pistol Class into a forum that gets right to what a new shooter wants, and needs to know, without overwhelming minutia.

The Class starts with the common types of handguns, their basic parts, and a simple explanation of calibers. We also go over the types of ammunition, and what they are used for.


A responsible gun owner needs to know ways to safely store their firearms, and how to transport them in a legal manner.


We understand that Safe Gun Handling and Shot Placement are the primary motivations behind taking this Class. We want our students to obtain competence and confidence with these skills.

Our goal is for students to leave the Class with a good feeling of understanding and accomplishment. If they enjoyed the Class, they will want to build their knowledge and skills.

Hello Scott,

Thanks again for the “professionalism-of-training” you exhibited during Basic Pistol. You are obviously working in an area of gifting regarding handgun awareness and safety. Your style of instruction was friendly and non-threatening.

What most impressed me was your sincere attitude of humility you demonstrated throughout the gun course, the class was engaging and FUN!

I came away from Basic Pistol with a complete awareness, confidence, and respect for my firearms. I’m looking forward to practicing, and enrolling in future classes offered by SDS.


Joe K.

Placerville, CA



Thanks again for the excellent day of instruction and personal insight you provided me during your Basic Pistol Course. Your presentation and personal observations left me with not only a much higher level of confidence in and understanding of my handgun, but am extremely high respect and appreciation of the total professionalism and high standards exhibited and expected by the shooting community in general and your organization specifically. The experience was truly worth much, much more than the monetary cost and time for your course.

I highly recommend this course for anyone new to shooting, or perhaps just looking for a high end, insightful “refresher” or “tune up” in procedures and technique to safe and defensive shooting. I’m definitely looking forward to my next level of instruction and qualification with Scott and SDS!


Dennis K.

Cameron Park, CA

Hi Scott,

Thank you so much. Your instruction was exactly what I needed to get me started in the right direction. I appreciate your patience! Look forward to seeing you on one of the Saturdays for the Open Shoot Day. Oh and by the way, I got my husband working on that Glock for me!!

Julie S.

Placerville, CA


I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality and training last Thursday. I enjoyed your knowledge and expertise. I would like to continue with my goal of attaining my certification through you.

Regards, Ray P.

Placerville, CA

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