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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.




We firmly believe in our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. 
We also feel that there is a Responsiblity that comes with that Right. 
Secure Storage, Safe Operation, and Lawful Transportation of your Firearms are the core elements of being a Responsible Gun Owner.
Personal Protection is another aspect of our training. How we walk through our daily lives often determines the likelihood of being selected as a potential victim.  We teach the skills of having a Mind Set of Awareness, a Strong Heart, and the Street Smarts to recognize possible dangers, and how to avoid them before they transpire. For both men and women, the Confidence that comes with Training and Ability, without being challenging, will generally give a would-be predator the impression to go find an easier victim. Peace through Strength.
                            It's good to be formidable. However,
 the best way to survive a violent encounter, is to safely avoid it.

Scott, Just wanted to tell you that the CCW class was excellent. Both my wife and I enjoyed it and received a great amount of information from it. You and Buck were very professional yet added some humor, which made the class fun. We will definitely recommend your training to others and we look forward to future training.

Thank you,

Greg B.

Shingle Springs, CA


Scott, Just wanted to thank you for a great CCW class, and the one on one time we spent was priceless.

Steven T.

Placerville, CA

Scott, Yesterday was perfect and exactly what we were hoping for. We had a great time but more importantly learned gun safety for our family. We will definitely recommend you to friends!

Gail L.

Cameron Park, CA

Scott & Buck, You guys really put on a fun, and informative class, and I will refer anybody considering a CCW to you. My wife was a little worried about attending, but  walked away confident and happy. So to both of you, thank you again. We both plan on and look forward to attending your more advanced classes.

See ya soon,

Mike S.

Camino, CA


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