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                                     CCW  PERMIT

                       CONCEALED  CARRY WEAPON 


            EDSO requires an 8 hour CCW Certification Class for New CCW's within 2 years of issuance,

                           or a 4 hour CCW Certification Class for Renewals within 1 year of issuance.

                                              Click the Calendar Button above for Class dates.

                                                         Click the Register Button to sign up.

1. El Dorado County Sheriff's Dept. is now using online Applications to speed up the process for New CCW Permits and Renewal Permits. 


2. Go online to (Have your Drivers License ready to scan.)


3. Under "Sheriff of El Dorado County" click Forms & Applications

4. Click Applications;  Click the Button that applies to you. New CCW or Renewal CCW.

5. Follow the directions for filling out the Application.


6. New CCW's will be asked to set up an appointment for an interview with the Sheriff’s      Dept. They will take a Live Scan and photo at this time.


7. All New and Renewal CCW's must have ALL guns on your Permit verified by the CCW  Instructor at Class, and signed off on the  CCW Gun / Class Safety Verification Form.


8. From the Forms & Applications; click Forms; click CCW Gun Class & Safety Verification  Form. Fill in all information, including Firearms Instructor information, see below.

 Print 2 copies  and bring them the the CCW Class. 


9. The Sheriff’s Dept. will contact you to pick up your permit.  

                                                                                                 SDS/ SHOOT-DON'T-SHOOT

                                                             SCOTT FRANDSEN



                                                    *This is a general outline of the CCW process, if you have specific questions contact  EDSO.                                                                             




Q: How long does it take to get my permit?

A: Depending on how busy the Sheriff’s Dept. is, 8-16 months.


Q: How long is my CCW permit valid?

A: 2 years, then you must renew with EDSO. 


Q: How many hours is the Training Class for Certification?

A: 8 hours required for New CCW’s / 4 hours for Renewals.


Q: How long is my CCW Training Class valid to submit to EDSO?

A: 2 years for New CCW's; 1 year for Renewals prior to Permit issuance to submit your CCW  Gun Class & Safety Verification Form to the Sheriff's Dept.


Q: Do I have to get my CCW Class before I submit my application?

A: No, you can submit your CCW Gun Class & Safety Verification Form to the Sheriff’s Dept. at  anytime during the process. 


Q: How many guns can I have on my permit?

A: You can put as many guns as you have on your permit.

Q: Do I need to qualify with all guns, each time I renew my Permit.

A. Yes, you must pass a 30 round Course of Fire for each gun to renew your Permit


Q: Is my CCW permit valid in California, or just my County?

A: Yes, your CCW permit is for the State of California.


Q: How much does it cost to get my permit? 

A: EDSO application fee is $125.00. The 8 hour CCW Course is $135.00




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